Why Burn It?

Iconic throwbacks, raging fires
Bombing babies, funeral pyres
Violent vitriol, heightened hate
Bashes and ashes, too little too late

Stop a tattered flag from burning
Kick a shattered fag for yearning
Ignoble politicos, blood on their hands
The hate in their hearts, heads in the sand

Freedom sputters in stifled winds
Expression snuffed by two-faced sloth
Silver betrayal, thirty pieces
Ban the marriages, save the cloth

-- June 27, 2006


Demented Demon

Demented baby, demons haunting
Homos, lesbos, flagrant flaunting
Artless world with artless art
Heartless life with heartless heart

Once at the helm of government
Now incoherent incontinent
Jesse how the tides have turned
Your Mapplethorpe has just returned

Bone disorder, cancerous prostate
Niggers, AIDS, the fruits of your hate
Vascular dementia, awfully sad
Anal probing, terribly bad

Artificial art official, Robbie Conan scream
Superficial, prejudicial, Bono, boners, cream
Anti-homo, funding no-no, lying in your bed
Condition dire, brimstone fire, every black is Fred

NEA, well that’s okay, we find the money anyway
You clutched the purse, and now its worse,
The Marlboro Man is dead and gay

Gay rights, grey nights, black days, blue
Penis, penis, pussy, pussy, what are you to do?
Good night sleep tight, take good care
Convalesce, that's where you stand,
You made it all come true

-- April 4, 2006


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Mission Accomplished II

Three years later, to the day
The shock and awe long gone away
A quagmire yes, that will not rest
That put preemption to the test

A failure from the very start
No exit strategy, aint that smart?
A terror haven on the rise
Upon a promise based on lies

Flimsy Hummers, tinny tombs
Not South Dakota mothers’ wombs
Military might stretched mighty thin
A lose-lose battle none can win

A new air strike to kill and maim
A civil war, insurgents blame
Sectarian violence, big surprise
Democracy in deep disguise

Neocon negligence run amok
Iran’s the menace now, fuck Iraq
Impossible hand-over, sub-standard training
The Coalition of the Waning

Three years later, what has changed?
Iraqi policy still deranged
Mosques in ruin, the Abu Ghraib scandal
A mad mistake too hot to handle

-- March 19, 2006


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Who's Your Shepherd?

Calling for the beheading of an artist for creating a caricature depicting a religion as violent is hypocritical. About as hypocritical as assaulting or killing a woman for appearing in a degrading beauty contest. Or like amputating Ann Coulter’s legs for her immodest vagina flashing on Fox News. Or castrating and sodomizing men who rape.

While all the world’s major religions -- Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, and Hinduism – shoulder responsibility for fueling extremist factions spewing hatred, violence and intolerance, Muslims do need to drop the victimization act and realize that just as they condemn and judge others with impunity, so too must they learn to cope with being subject to criticism.

Until people stop, in Allah's name, stoning woman to death, killing homosexuals, cutting the hands off children stealing food to survive, flying passenger planes into skyscrapers, car-bombing innocent people, forcing their religious convictions onto others, and other such atrocities, and until Muslims loudly and clearly reject and condemn the violence perpetrated by those who have hijacked and perverted their religion, the likelihood of cartoonists depicting Muhammad as a gentle, olive-branch carrying dove is not particularly high.

-- February 4, 2006

[It Gets Worse...Read On!]

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Brokebank Mountain

Fighting windmills, chasing dragons
Defensive postures, circling wagons

Cowboy nightmares, stereotype shake-up
Gossipy aides in White House make-up

Napoleonic complex, Don Quixote
Embryonic stem cells, Truman Capote

Displaced stereotypes riding on the range
Misplaced neophytes resisting the change

Old school prejudice, high level blues
Plummeting polls, manufactured news

Hemorrhaging treasury, economy tank
Political capital, broken bank

-- December 24, 2005

[Steers & Queers]

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Rootkits and Bootkicks

President Bush insists America does not torture. As he threatens his first ever veto if congress refuses to exempt the CIA from "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment" of detainees. And as Dick Cheney trolls the back halls of congress, browbeating and ripping the toenails off any senators that opt for humane treatment of prisoners by the CIA. The senate voted 90 – 0 to include the CIA in America’s policy regarding the detention and interrogation of prisoners, both at home and abroad.

We’re not sure if that includes the “black sites” but no matter. When Abu Ghraib II opens wide at the box office, we’ll simply trot out Karen Hughes to pretty up America’s image, along with Jerry Bruckheimer. Maybe the White House can hire Ann Coulter instead.

Or perhaps we can just take a page from the Sony playbook/station...most people don't know what a covert CIA gulag is, so why should they care about it?

-- November 16, 2005


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One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Wintery, splintery, mutiny, scorn,
Hurricanes, floods and base forlorn;

Liar, crony, leaker, duck,
Chicken Shit Chicken Hawks Run Amuck.

One Flu East and One Flu West, and
One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Mayhem, ahem, Missing Veep
Falling numbers, Losing Sleep

Delay Decay, Dirty Trick
Frist Flap, Wrist Slap, Feeling Sick

The Scandals Feast
On those thought best
And no clue in the cuckoo’s nest.

-- October 12, 2005

[All of it...]

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There was a triangle pink
That caused a bit of a stink
For a holocaust survivor
It’s a horrible reminder
Whether Jew, Faggot, Honky or Chink

For some it has meant liberation
For some it’s a slight irritation
The pink many gripe,
Is a stereotype
Like a flag that defines a whole nation

As annoying as bright rainbow flags
Screaming to all, “We are fags”
The symbols seem dated
Though the queers are still hated
And their girlfriends are still branded hags

The first of the fallen Mike Judge
Was known to enjoy packing fudge
Though loyal and loved
When push came, he was shoved
His gayness a wink and a nudge

Rugby hero Mark Bingham was gay
How many others, well no one can say
Their partners aplenty
With their lives sad and empty
Donations did not come their way

Still others, for a nation devastated
Signed up for war, thought related
Now they toil in Iraq
In an unarmored truck
But orientation still cannot be stated

-- September 11, 2005

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Race Against Time

The President strummed on a new guitar
His Veep charmed Canadian oil
Disasters aplenty were ruining the fun
Anarchy, floods, on American soil
'It's not Terri Schiavo,' he said with a grin
'Why such a clear focus on speed?
The political fallout can't be all that bad
And no tubes with which we
Can feed,
Can feed,
And no tubes with which we can feed!'

Death, Darkness, Thirst amidst 'Locked Loaded' shooters
Yes, the meek shall inherit the earth
It's Culture of Life and its inevitable dearth
'But God will still punish the looters!'
'What more can He do,' asked a desperate few,
As the death toll approached the unreal
'If you daughters lay dyin', and wife was a'cryin'
I wonder what you then
Might steal
Might Steal
I wonder what you then might steal!'

-- September 3, 2005

[The Full Story]

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Turning to Red

All that you leak
And all that you sell
All you disdain
All you tell
And all who you out
And all that you knife
All you dagger
All you doubt
And all that you lie
And all that you warn
And all that you cheat
Kill, bury and scorn
And all you denounce
And all you mislead
And all you imperil
And all you impede
And all that you claw
And all that you whore
And all that you slap
And all you entrap
And all that was real
And all that was true
And all that was light
And all the respect lying dead
Now the black and white's turning to red

-- July 11, 2005

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Holy Shit

If one can verify a basic fact
One need not all their words retract
As the finger pointers throw rock and stone
The truth, no doubt, will stand alone
Quran, Torah, Bible too
The sacred versus boil and stew
An image abroad was a long time lost
With the Iraqi war at any cost
Guantanamo sunshine, Abu Ghraib rain
Let liberty languish, let freedom drain
America sweetheart, to whom do you lie?
Islam, darling, how much do you deny?
Christian soldiers and violent crusades
Jihad beheadings with unsharpened blades
The religion of politics is rotten to the core
Judicial pretense under the guise of law
Verses that instruct how to kill and to die
Deserve their fate, whether truth or lie
And if I am wrong, then help me I pray
By proving and acting, not worsening the fray

-- May 16, 2005

[You've Gotta Have Faith]

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by Clinton Fein
Tuesday, December 29, 2020
We didn't fight Section 230 all the way to the United States Supreme Court for nothing, fuckface. A farewell and fuck you to Donald Trump, the worst human being to breathe oxygen on this planet.
Saturday, August 29, 2015
With his racist, xenophobic vitriol provoking violence and catapulting him in the polls, Donald Trump is tapping into America's seething racist underbelly. In Trump's 2015, Hitler-inspired playbook, Mexicans are the new Jews.
Friday, April 19, 2013
Thursday, December 20, 2012
Sunday, December 16, 2012
In all seriousness...This Jew-killing Nazi bitch in her satin dress and gay-porn “hat” declared through her pre-pubescent cockbreath that same-sex marriage is "unnatural" and "against human nature." As a World Peace Message.
Saturday, March 24, 2012
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