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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Better Be The Last

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Better Be the Last

Time to get the packing done, time to make your way.
Time to pass away for good, time to stay away.

Time to leave the House behind, to offer sad goodbyes,
Time to drown in wine you swine, to pretzel choke on lies.

Who betrayed the betrayer, you ask, who lied to the liar?
Judas is the one to whom theses thieving whores aspire.

The treachery that knows no bounds, the sycophantic glut,
The pigs that gorge on trampled trust, the arrogance they strut.

The rotten diet of broken vows, the poisoning of sacred cows
The bovine bloat of evil gloat, the stinking goats and profane sows.

The savage screech of scavengers, the parasitic pawns,
The fawning scorn, so sick and frantic, stolen promise mourns.

Time to pay the ferryman, there’s no one at the gate,
Time to swallow bitter harvests sowed and reaped with hate.

Time to dine on dark decline, the festering final feast,
Time to sip the septic sap, you’re discharged, you’re released.

The stagnant stench of faux repent, the rancid reek of preach,
The infected brew congealed anew, the speech for every breach.

The abase decay of truth delay, atrophic remains of reason,
The dry-rot, piled-hot, half-baked, deteriorating, putrid taste of treason.

The perverted taint of unrestraint, the toxic taste of tortured waste,
The polluted food on contaminated plates, the filthy meal of the depraved and debased.

The molded bread, sacrificial lamb, hormone-pumped and anabolic
More blood than wine, so damn divine, intoxicated, chronic ex-alcoholic.


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Better Be The Last
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From Right to Far Right:Scott McClellan, Andy Card, Tom Ridge, Tommy Thompson, John Snow, Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz.

At a moment when Valencia was becoming a channel through which Renaissance ideals entered Spain, Juan de Juanes and his father were the city's most significant artists. Born Juan Maçip, Juanes trained and collaborated with his father on some of Valencia's most important commissions from 1530 until his father's death in 1550. Despite being strongly influenced by his father, Juanes developed his own distinctive style. His sweeter, gentler approach included clear, luminous tones and softer effects of modeling but displayed less technical detail in finishing. He painted mostly religious subjects, along with mythological works and portraits.

A critical moment of Juanes's development occurred around 1560, when he probably went to Rome. Though many artists and styles he encountered there inspired him, the work of Raphael seems to have exerted the most profound influence. Juanes remained true to his own convictions, but his subsequent paintings displayed an Italian influence. He learned to create drama through facial expression, and his canvases gained a greater sense of movement.

Explore Art: Juan Juanes, The J. Paul Getty Trust

The Bush White House, through Rove, had clandestinely opposed Roy Moore since he ran for Alabama Chief Justice. When they could not defeat Moore at the polls, they decided to defeat him through the federal courts. To accomplish this, they needed a Judas from inside Alabama. Enter Bill Pryor.

It quickly became obvious to Rove that Pryor was their man. With the promise of a federal judgeship, he would turn against Chief Justice Moore and help assure Moore's removal from the bench. Pryor lived up to his end of the bargain and now Bush and Rove have lived up to their end. Last Friday, President Bush used a recess appointment to install Pryor as a federal appeals court judge. The Judas money has been paid.

Chuck Baldwin, Bill Pryor Got His Judas Money, February 25, 2004


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