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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Guess Who's Back?

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Lost It

Guess who's back
Back again
Shady's back
Tell a friend
Now everyone resort to the dance floor
To the dance floor, to the dance floor
Now everyone extort to the dance floor
Alright Stop...Crystal time

Come here little white boy, On my lap
Guess you’re back with a tired new rap
And I don't mean rap as in a Madonna
extreme excruciating dream
Aah aah aah aah aah
so worried, Eminem's got the same old bag of toys
what else could he possibly do to make noise
Just attack the Jack like the rest of the boys
That's indeed a stab at Shady
That's just a metaphor, fucking lazy
We go a little bit retro sometimes
We get a bit out of touch with our rhymes
Beavis, Butthead, gee how new
Shady’s back yet nothing’s new
Like a Joan and Linda fight
Turned to Dynasty to make it right?
Hear him slammin’ Michael Jackson
To evoke a big reaction (Fart Sound)
Oops his CD is so tough
The honky's channeling Hilary Duff

Now I'm gonna make you bored
Your reward
Yeah boy you scored,
Oops I am Joan, Joan, Joan
Joan and I'm in the mainstream zone
Alright now lose it
Aah aah aah aah aah
You have lost it
Aah aah aah aah aah
Go crazy
Aah aah aah aah aah
Oh darn you Jack
Aah aah
As I jack my sack aah aah


Rather Sad to Be GLAAD
The Eminem Controversy

By Clinton Fein
February 1, 2002

Won't the Real Hypocrite Please Shut Up?
Lots of Hot Property, None of it Intellectual!

By Clinton Fein
October 6, 2000


Guess Who's Back?
Dick Slap


Eminem isn't making a fan out of Michael Jackson with his new video, which pokes fun at the embattled pop star. The singer has asked video channels to stop playing "Just Lose It," and BET has since pulled the clip out of rotation.

In the video, Eminem riffs on several Jackson-related themes, from an opening routine reminiscent of "Billie Jean," to a joke about the 1985 incident in which the singer's hair caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi ad. Wearing prosthetic makeup to look like Jackson, Eminem also targets the singer's molestation scandal by sitting on a bed with boys dancing around him.

In the song, Eminem insists it's not an attack, rapping, "Come here, little kiddies, on my lap/ Guess who's back with a brand new rap/ And I don't mean a rap as in a new case of child-molestation accusation/ ... I've done touched on everything but little boys/ That's not a stab at Michael/ That's just a metaphor/ I'm just psycho."

Jackson said he finds the video "offensive" and "demeaning," according to spokesperson Raymone Bain. "The entire video is inappropriate; it's not just one thing," Bain said. "He is very disappointed, he is very angry. It's one thing for there to be a spoof, it's another to be insensitive and disrespectful. It crossed the line."

Jackson also called in to "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" on Los Angeles radio station KKBT-FM on Tuesday to complain. "I've never had a problem with Eminem," Jackson told Harvey, saying that he felt "appalled" and "angry" at his depiction in the video. "I've admired Eminem as an artist, and was shocked by this," Jackson said. "The video was inappropriate and disrespectful to me, my children, my family and the community at large."

Jennifer Vineyard, Michael Jackson Asks Stations To Stop Airing Eminem Video, VH1, October 12, 2004

The Source Magazine, the largest magazine devoted to hip-hop music, culture and politics applauded today as BET (Black Entertainment Television), pulled the newest Eminem video "Just Lose It" from its video rotation. BET Chairman and Founder Robert Johnson personally removed the video, which mocks cultural icon Michael Jackson and shows an overall level of disrespect for black culture and its icons. Eminem's latest racial misstep comes on the heels of racist charges first leveled against him nearly two years ago by The Source's CEO Ray Benzino. These charges intensified last November, after tapes where Eminem, real nameMarshall Mathers, is heard rapping using blatant racial epithets and making disparaging remarks about black women. The "Just Lose It" video is vindication for Benzino and The Source who were accused of overreacting by mainstream media outlets, other artists, and so called "hip-hop activists."

For too long influential people in the hip-hop community have stood by Eminem while he has made a mockery of the culture that inspires and motivates our young people to achieve and be proud of their black heritage,"said Ray Benzino, CEO of The Source. "I am proud of both Robert Johnson of BET for pulling the video, and for comedian Steve Harvey for urging MTV and VH1 to do the same. We as the leaders in the Hip-Hop community and music industry need to step up and realize that Eminem's lyrics and actions are tearing down the very culture that people like Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick,and Public Enemy have built from the ground up. I urge all members of hip-hop to come out and support Jackson, one of the most important, cultural icons of our time. No one should stand behind this mockery and only by supporting the airplay of "Just Lose It" are we giving Eminem a way out. Furthermore, The Source called upon Eminem's management to pull the single from his upcoming album, and to publicly apologize to Michael Jackson for his offensive portrayal of the King of Pop. As one of Black America's most visible icons, the magazine views any criticism of Jackson as a direct snipe at the culture itself...

Ray Benzino, Hip Hop Community Defends Michael Jackson, Condemns New Eminem Video, The Source Magazine Press Release, October 13, 2004

I'd agree that Eminem's Michael Jackson jokes are cowardly, and lazy, and boring. He always makes himself look like a punk by going after such easy targets (Britney, N-Sync, etc). Like the nerd who makes himself feel tough by picking on the one kid who's even nerdier than he is.

But for Benzino to seize on this as fodder for his Righteous Campaign Against White Supremacy is straight-up comedy. Will he be launching a similar crusade against Kanye West for his Michael Jackson jokes on "Slow Jams?" How about Ras Kass for spitting about "F**kin these kids like the Michael Jackson molestations?"

And didn't The Source just give an award to Ja Rule for "Clap Back," which not only mocks one of Black America's most visible hip-hop icons, it actually theatens to kill the guy? I guess tearing down Black icons it not a problem when you do it to someone like 50 who The Source has publicity stunt beef with.

Jay Smooth, Benzino + Eminem + Michael Jackson = Jay's Brain Aneurysm,, October 13, 2004


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