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Monday, April 22, 2002

Immaculate Erection

While the Mideast exploded in a deadly blend of suicide bombing desperation and tanked optimism, innocent children, with the encouragement of their parents, lost limbs and faith at the hands of aging leaders incapable of making peace in a world that glorifies killers as martyrs.

While the Vatican prayed for peace in the Middle East and spoke out loudly against the violence and bloodshed, children lost innocence and faith at the hands of negligent parents and Catholic priests in a church that shrouds in silence and denial, the rampant pedophilia in its ranks.

Harmful to Minors

By Clinton Fein
Friday, April 19, 2002

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An Interview with Benjamin Phelps

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Friday, August 20, 1999

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Monday, February 01, 1999

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The Gruesome Marketing of JonBenet
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Immaculate Erection
Miss Pedophilia
Faith Based
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The Church will survive. But, oh boy, to have to pass through it at a time like this is not easy.
Washington DC Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Voice of America, Washington, April 22, 2002

On the other hand, I cannot fail to acknowledge with deep joy the positive signs which, in the Jubilee Year especially, have shown that this sacrament, when suitably presented and celebrated, can have a broad appeal, even among the young. Its appeal is enhanced by the need for personal contact, something that is becoming increasingly scarce in the hectic pace of today's technological society, but which for this very reason is increasingly experienced as a vital need. Certainly, this need can be met in various ways.
Letter of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II to Priests for Holy Thursday 2002, March 17, 2002

At this time too, as priests we are personally and profoundly afflicted by the sins of some of our brothers who have betrayed the grace of Ordination in succumbing even to the most grievous forms of the mysterium iniquitatis at work in the world. Grave scandal is caused, with the result that a dark shadow of suspicion is cast over all the other fine priests who perform their ministry with honesty and integrity and often with heroic self-sacrifice.
Letter of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II to Priests for Holy Thursday 2002, March 17, 2002

A day after the emergence of a report on the rape of nuns by priests, the Roman Catholic Aid Agency, Cafod, has confirmed that it showed the Vatican the report seven years ago. The leaked report said that priests and missionaries across several continents were forcing nuns to have sex with them. On Tuesday, the Vatican confirmed that such abuse had been taking place, but denied that it was so widespread. The vatican says it will investigate internally. Among the abuses detailed is the case of a nun being forced to have an abortion by the priest who impregnated her. She later died and he officiated at her requiem mass.
Vatican 'knew of widespread abuse', BBC News, March 21, 2001

The new Vatican guidelines on pedophilia, which were quietly issued last year and surfaced publicly in January, order church officials to swiftly inform the Holy See of such cases and classified priestly pedophilia as one of several "graver offenses" against church law. The rules are intended to centralize Vatican control over pedophilia cases and keep the process -- which can result in dismissal from the priesthood -- secret.
Victor L. Simpson, Sex abuses take toll on Vatican Crisis in the Catholic Church: Pope's dictum, new rules among Church's rare acknowledgements, Associate Press, March 21, 2001

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected -- once again -- another attempt to regulate pornography. In Ashcroft v. The Free Speech Coalition, the Court invalidated a statute's attempt to target "virtual" porn. The Child Pornography Prevention Act (CPPA) banned images that are or "appear to be" of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct. Such images are frequently created using computer technology, and do not involve actual children. (The law also banned manipulating images of actual children, but that portion of the law was not challenged.) The CPPA also prohibited selling or possessing material that was "advertised" as child porn, even if the actual images themselves were not.
Barton Aronson, FindLaw Forum: Despite Supreme Court ruling, other strict legal constraints on child porn and obscenity remain, April 19, 2002 making a porn video of a 14 year old girl is still bad...But you can have a character in a porn video portrayed as being 14...But photoshopping a 14 year old into a picture on the cover of the box of Ass Reamers In Space 10 is bad...But you can still buy copies of Sweet Sixteen, as long as they aren't 16. Sounds good to me.
elnino, Annoy com's Gibe, Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Virtual Child Pornography, April 16, 2002


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