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Monday, September 30, 2002

New World Attention Deficit Disorder

Where on earth did Osama go?
With the surplus, Goddamit no!

Blame al Qaeda, Dick says no!
Rumsfeld says Saddam must go!

Moses, Charlton, I don’t know!
Sharon let Arafat’s people go!

What does Condoleezza know?
U.N Colin! Let go of my toe!

Stem cell Nancy, Just Say No!
Mass distraction, NWO!


Gail Sheehy's profile of George W. Bush — "The Accidental Candidate," in the current issue of Vanity Fair — reaches the loony conclusion that Bush probably suffers from both dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. If I were inclined to engage in Sheehy's signature style of distant diagnosis, I would conclude that she is so utterly incapable of logical argument she must be brain-impaired. Rather than establishing anything alarming about George Bush's psyche, the article's blatant contradictions and wild assumptions establish Gail Sheehy as "the accidental journalist."
Kate O'Beirne, Dyslexia? Hogwash, National Review, September 14, 2000

At long last, the September 11 spell that drew America around the current White House occupant like a moth to a flame is showing signs of weakening. As revelations begin to surface about memos and arrests that might have tipped off the Bush administration that trouble was a brewin', some Americans are beginning to wonder whether allowing a presidential candidate of limited attention span and intellectual capacity to litigate his way into the White House was such a good idea after all. And wonder they should.
The Angry Liberal, The Future of Terrorism in America: Can Bush Outwit a Clever Enemy?, June 4, 2002

If untreated, individuals with ADHD may develop a variety of secondary problems as they move through life, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, academic failure, vocational problems, marital discord, and emotional distress.
Myths about ADD/ADHD, the ABC's of A.D.D., Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Neil Bush, brother to President George Bush, will testify about his family's experience with a misdiagnosis of an attention disorder. According to the Bush family, Mr. Bush's son, Pierce, age 16, was incorrectly diagnosed by his Houston private school with attention-deficit disorder and urged to take medication. Bush later learned that the educators were wrong about his son.
Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder: Are We Overmedicating Our Children?, Government Reform Committee hearing, chaired by Representative Dan Burton, September 24, 2002

At Ignite!, Neil provides overall strategic direction by focusing on long-range planning, investor relations, school partner development, and strategic corporate partnering and alliances. Neil holds a bachelor of science degree in Economics from Tulane University and a master of business administration from the Tulane University School of Business. Neil also serves on the national board of directors of the Points of Light Foundation and Volunteer Center National Network. The Points of Light Foundation was established by former President George Bush to promote and facilitate volunteer activities across the United States. Neil also serves as the Bush family representative on the National Advisory Board to the George Bush School of Government and Public Service.
About Us: Management Team, Ignite! Inc. 2002

The New World Order (NWO) of the 1990s, therefore, is nothing more than the latest marketing mask which uses positive words to cover up evil designs of the western NWO architects. The words, "New World Order," were first uttered in the contemporary context by the American president George Bush in 1990, when he exulted over the West's supposed victory in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. His words offered hope ("new") for a better life ("world") ahead; one which would be based on (law and) "order," rather than on raw exercise of power, which the Kremlin's "East Side Gang" used in its spheres of influence and control. Instead, the latest edition of the NWO delivered same old "gun diplomacy" which the Soviets used, only using bigger guns and more diplomacy to mask the West Side Gang's grab for power. Like the Kremlin-based Soviet East Side Gang, the Wall Street-driven West Side Gang of globalist marauders, markets itself under the slogan, "world trade through world peace." Which is a cover for its real motto - "perpetual commerce through perpetual war."
New World Order, Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins, TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-4, November 21, 1999

There is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) which include many of the world's wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe (dominated by the British Crown) whose goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Their intention is to effect complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world's population by 5.5 Billion people. While the name New World Order is the term most frequently used today when referring to this group, it's more useful to identify the principal organizations, institutions, and individuals who make up this vast interlocking spiderweb of elite conspirators.
The Illuminati is the oldest term commonly used to refer to the 13 bloodline families (and their offshoots) that make up a major portion of this controlling elite. Most members of the Illuminati are also members in the highest ranks of numerous secretive and occult societies which in many cases extend straight back into the ancient world. The upper levels of the tightly compartmentalized (need-to-know-basis) Illuminati structural pyramid include planning committees and organizations that the public has little or no knowledge of. The upper levels of the Illuminati pyramid include secretive committees with names such as: the Council of 3, the Council of 5, the Council of 7, the Council of 9, the Council of 13, the Council of 33, the Grand Druid Council, the Committee of 300 (also called the "Olympians") and the Committee of 500 among others.
Ken Adachi, The New World Order (NWO): An Overview,, Updated: August 17, 2002

The US knows from where Iraq’s biological and chemical weapons came. The United States only became concerned with Iraq’s military potential in 1990, after the invasion of Kuwait. The US supplied Iraq with most of its weapons during the 1980’s. Just one day before Iraq invaded Kuwait, then-President George Bush approved and signed a shipment of advanced data transmission equipment to Iraq. The United States and Britain were the major suppliers of chemical and biological weapons to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War, in which the United States supported both sides with weapons sales. [See Noam Chomsky, "‘What We Say Goes’: The Middle East in the New World Order," in Collateral Damage: The ‘New World Order’ at Home and Abroad, ed. Cynthia Peters (Boston: South End Press, 1992), pp. 61-64 and references; and, Dilip Hiro, The Longest War: The Iran-Iraq Conflict, New York: Rutledge, 1991]
Voices in the Wilderness: A Campaign to End the Economic Sanctions Against the People of Iraq, 10 Talking Points: No New War with Iraq, January, 2002


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