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Saturday, September 10, 2005


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There was a triangle pink
That caused a bit of a stink
For a holocaust survivor
It’s a horrible reminder
Whether Jew, Faggot, Honky or Chink

For some it has meant liberation
For some it’s a slight irritation
The pink many gripe,
Is a stereotype
Like a flag that defines a whole nation

As annoying as bright rainbow flags
Screaming to all, “We are fags”
The symbols seem dated
Though the queers are still hated
And their girlfriends are still branded hags

The first of the fallen Mike Judge
Was known to enjoy packing fudge
Though loyal and loved
When push came, he was shoved
His gayness a wink and a nudge
Rugby hero Mark Bingham was gay
How many others, well no one can say
Their partners aplenty
With their lives sad and empty
Donations did slow come their way

Still others, for a nation devastated
Signed up for war, thought related
Now they toil in Iraq
In an unarmored truck
But orientation still cannot be stated

Senator Santorum, Rick Perry
Who say they’re not gay, but are merry
Warn agenda’s quite great
As they legislate hate
Like poor Robertson, Pat, Falwell Jerry

But just like terrorist attacks
Homos must still pay their tax
For those, there’s no doubt
There’ll be no singling out
And the bigots will ride on their backs

The Gay Agenda

Who's That Queer?


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By Clinton Fein
August 16, 2005

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By Clinton Fein
March 29, 2004

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May 31, 2002

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Matthew Shepard: A Call to Arms
By Clinton Fein
October 1, 1998


Fear has always been the root of all evil, and ignorance the source of hatred. If one was to selectively isolate the Scriptures, and take to heart notions such as “an eye for an eye”, one would agree that the gay community in the United States, or the black community in South Africa would be wholly justified in waging a war of loathing, fear and mistrust against their enemies. In America, all heterosexual, or homosexual law makers that have contributed to institutionalized homophobia would be stripped of their fundamental rights, insurance, jobs, and be jailed for consensual sex with their spouses or lovers. Apartheid policy makers and upholders would be deprived of an education, dignity and more importantly, enfranchisement. A more powerful and reasonable means by which to address this issue, however, is through education that counters the misinformation.

Education can powerfully deter ignorance, and knowledge can counteract hatred. The question is, however, can one truly educate America’s religious right who spew forth damnation of homosexuals, or the radical right wing groups in South Africa that continue to advance their racial superiority on the obsequious masses who have been cajoled into believing the bigoted and vitriolic excesses of this egregious morality?

Clinton Fein, A Tale of Two Evils: White Supremacy and Gay Apartheid, The Valley, April 1994

Seeking to quell the storm of criticism, Bush mobilized none other than Rudy Giuliani to defend his use of September 11 imagery in his ad campaign. In a March 7, 2004 interview with Tim Russert on Meet the Press, Giuliani stated of President Bush: "…it would be impossible for me to describe in words the amount of support that that gave me when my world was falling apart. You know, New York and some of the people like Mychal Judge, who would have been my support, were gone. I had no one, you know, to really lean on. And the president gave me tremendous support, tremendous help. "

Mychal Judge, the cherished chaplain who ministered last rites to a dead firemen as the second tower collapsed on top of him, and whose slumped body being carried out of the rubble by grief-stricken firemen became the first identified victim, would have been happy to know that the President and a bunch of cowards in congress would focus on protecting Americans from further terrorist attacks by modifying America’s constitution to deny him the right to marry someone he loved who happened to be of the same gender.

Mark Bingham, the man who helped thwart another terrorist attack that day by helping attack the hijackers that had taken over United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco, would have also been grateful to his President and the pathetic, pitiful congresspersons, like Marilyn Musgrave, whose lives he probably saved, for their gracious attempts to modify the constitution to expressly deny him the right to marry, had he lived to enjoy another day.

The climate of thinly-veiled intolerance has emboldened those on the extreme to be more vocal and vociferous in their judgments and condemnations. An obese commissioner in Rhea County, Tennessee, F.C. Fugate, managed to get the Rhea County commission to pass 8-0, a resolution declaring homosexuality a “crime of nature”. (As opposed to treating his body like a temple by stuffing it with enough McDonalds burgers and fries to feed a small third world country). Gluttony, of course, representing a respectful adherence to the commandments of his homophobic, mistake-prone God.

Clinton Fein, The Backfire of the Bush,, March 29, 2004

He stood up on a Tuesday morning
In the terror he was brave
He made his choice
And without a doubt
A hundred lives he must have saved

You can not change this
You can't erase this
You can't pretend this is not the truth

In the things you might take for granted
Your unalienable rights
Some might chose to deny him
Even though he gave his life

Can you live with yourself in the land of the free
And make him less of a hero than the other three
While it might began to change you
In a field in Pennsylvania

Melissa Etheridge, Tuesday Morning

Perhaps a mutiny of the sodomites is in order. If every gay servicemember came out of the closet, the policy would have to be struck down, because the system couldn't handle it. Nor could America's national security or its overflowing imperial responsibilities.

Right now, in a new and dangerous era of pre-emptive colonization, the supposed leader of the free world is moving to ensure that some of the men and women fighting for her freedom (and imperialism) cannot marry someone of their choosing. For gay servicemembers, there are only two choices. Lie or die.

Gay servicemembers have a duty. Upon offering their lives in the service of their country, -- furnished with training, arms and ammunition to ensure their success-- they swear to uphold and protect the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.

There seem to be an awful lot of enemies, foreign and domestic, these days.

Clinton Fein, The Silence of the Sodomites, August 8, 2003

Perhaps it's time for gays to stand up and take control of their destiny. To stop relying on self-appointed national leaders to go begging to sit at a hypocritical political table where they are neither welcome nor accepted. To stop characterizing themselves as victims and bestowing awards on celebrities and media outlets because they represent gays "favorably", while gay kids are being pistol whipped and beaten to death and anti-gay violence is on the rise. Perhaps every gay and lesbian individual should stop supporting gun-control advocates, and arm themselves with guns and ammunition and embrace the gun ownership philosophies of rabid homophobe and National Rifle Association chairman, Charlton Heston. Because neither a Human Rights Campaign membership, nor a federal law could have saved Matthew Shepard that night. But a loaded gun might have. Ironic, since it was an unfired gun that killed him.

Clinton Fein, Matthew Shepard: A Call to Arms,, Ocotber 1, 1998

The Church closet is being ripped off its hinges, as she seeks to upgrade her current policy of sheltering pedophiles with relocation strategies that endanger children, paying off victims for their silence and continuing the systemic hierarchy of failure. Seemingly floored that the Church would be revealed as a bastion of homosexuality as its leaders sashay about in satin and sashes like aging beauty-pageant contestants, trying to pick up the pieces -- serving as a showcase to every aspiring drag queen by offering the only outlet where silky dresses and ornate jewelry can be worn legitimately and with impunity and still engender pride in Mom and Dad.

Celibacy has always been the perfect excuse to avoid repeating the embarrassing flaccidity on Prom night in a pre-Viagra age, where taking vows to refrain from carnal intimacy with women was nothing short of a blessed relief that finally put to rest the stereotypical, yet unavoidable, questions pertaining masculinity, sensitivity, sexual orientation and prolonged bachelorhood. Any man who looks you in the eyes and tells you they are "married to the Church" has sexual identity issues worth questioning.

Similarly, the military, which has always prided itself on turning boys into men, (using recruiting posters homoerotic enough to confuse the branding with Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs), continues to serve as the perfect setup for Cody Cocksucker to delay marrying that clingy girl-next-door or Phen-fen-popping cheerleader and hide among more than a few good men for a few good years.

Clinton Fein, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Go To Hell
The Law of Guns and Canon,, May 31, 2002

As long as shrill pseudo-moralists like Lynne Cheney claim to represent women and impotent throwbacks like GLAAD claim to represent gays and lesbians, it becomes increasingly clear where the misogyny and homophobia being spewed forth by Slim Shady stems from to begin with.

Clinton Fein, Rather Sad to Be GLAAD
The Eminem Controversy,, February 1, 2001


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