La Dolce Vita
When CNN chief news executive, Eason Jordan, allowed a bunch of hysterical bloggers to force his resignation after his comment at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland that the U.S. military was targeting journalists in Iraq, it was before they shot at Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, killing Nicola Calipari the military intelligence officer who had just negotiated her release as a hostage. Life is Sweet. -- March 6, 2005
Taking Heat
Not only had fake reporter, Jeff Gannon, been lobbing softies to the Prez and Scott McClellan but to Ari Fleischer before him. Who was getting soft and who was getting hard remains an open-ended question, and even though Gannon’s moonlighting has barely any relevance to his job as a journalist, to position himself a top after posing with his ass cheeks spread apart is an inexcusable falsehood. Ari Fleischer’s book “Taking Heat” simply corroborates that there’s always been only one top at the White House, and her name is Karen Hughes.
Karlrovini Fraud
Dead media mainstream asleep at the wheel; With Brad and Angelina to keep it all real Imus in the Morning in malfunctioning cities; Blitzer of the blunderbuss pinching Michael Powell’s titties. Once West Wing blowjobs commanded attention; Now as quaint and as fashionable as a Geneva Convention; Karl Rove and his Filthy Boys Minding the Store As he squats for his Jesus, and kneels for his whore -- February 23, 2005
A Midwinter Night's Scream
Let the news consumer decide, and let major news organizations like The New York Times package and sell their standards, ethics and credibility because it's all they have to distinguish them from tabloids, bloggers and lesser news organizations. As columnists condemn bloggers on TV and radio shows hosted by "news personalities" peppered with experts, pundits and analysts, discerning what journalism is, is almost as tough as defining what is is. Trust is earned by delivering on a promise, not simply making one. -- January 14, 2005
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