FOIA Proof
Where is Bush's FBI file? When it comes to the issue of FBI files on President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry, the so-called liberal media have shown unquestionable bias in only scrutinizing Kerry's dossier and ignoring the possibility of a file on Bush. -- October 1, 2004
As Martha Stewart prepares to serve time, requesting to begin her incarceration before her appeal is heard, America can rest easy, knowing Osama Bin Laden is still free, Republicans will demonstrate will find out who leaked fake memos to CBS and that the Sunni Triangle is the season's hot spot. -- September 20, 2004
Journalism Horrific
Not since Bush's first cousin, working at Rupert Murdoch's Fox news cable network, called the Florida election for Bush, (igniting a change that disenfranchised thousands of voters and ensured a war mongering moron took office), has journalism been so blatantly caught out. The unfortunate survivors of anthrax at Murdoch's New York Post are at it again, calling Gephardt the VP choice for Kerry on their front page, instantly recalled online. -- July 6, 2004
You're Tired
Donald Trump's hit NBC reality competition "The Apprentice" caters to basest of instincts -- greed-- which explains why America is transfixed to a man who puts the gaud in gaudy, the stink in stinky and the ass in classless. He tried to copyright the phrase "You're Fired" joining Lisa "Let's Roll" Beamer in the tasteless word-snatching department. -- April 2004
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