Dangerous Liaisons
“The cowardly, idle, spineless way in which American journalists are lobotomising their stories from the Middle East… the infantile ‘dead or alive’, ‘with us or against us’, axis-of-evil policies of their President,” wrote British journalist, Robert Fisk. “I’d rather just shoot them,” said the star of Dangerous Liaisons, John Malkovich, May 7, 2002.
Blowjob Bernie
Bernard McGuirk, Executive Producer of the “Imus in the Morning” radio program, was apparently a former, Catholic altar boy!!! It might explain his frequently lame, yet hysterical and misogynistic, anti-gay diatribes. We'll take cocksucker for $1000, please Alex.
Pawn Star
38-year-old Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl was kidnapped in Karachi, Pakistan on Jan. 23 while trying to make contact with Islamic extremists and was slain by his captors. Refraining from calling him a "major-league asshole" for his astute coverage, President George W. Bush called the killing a "criminal, barbaric" act.
WARtertainment TV
Gym-toned, Dr. Atkins-lean, air brushed, waxed, trimmed and liposucked Vicodin addicts used to play servicemembers, CIA and FBI agents in high tech, high budget movies while the men they were emulating were dying. Now servicemembers will play themselves, taking orders from directors and producers of bad propaganda movies.
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