The Gloria Allred Show
The cable networks, covering the Michael Jackson trial, have decided to torture Americans by broadcasting the spotlight whore, Gloria Allred, ad nauseum, dousing viewers with her overly-priced two-cents worth. As if the bit-player role she transformed into a starring role in the Scott Peterson case wasn’t enough. A reality show about the psychological dysfunction of the Allreds disguised as a talk show. A somehow crasser, uglier and more irritating version of Joan and Melissa Rivers, if you can believe it possible. -- June 12, 2005
Holy Shit
Newsweek issued a formal retraction yesterday of the flawed "flushed Quran" story that sparked deadly riots in Afghanistan and other countries, after the magazine came under increasingly sharp criticism from White House, State Department and Pentagon officials and every other media hack who thinks they're any better. Clearly a lot more flushing needs to be take place before the ass of journalism gets cleaned up. -- May 16, 2005
Dry as a Bone
Now we’ve outdone ourselves, scraping the dregs
Ann Coulter convinced us to feature her legs
Skinny and white, yes we made them even whiter
Enhancing the asset she thinks makes her brighter
Imus and The Flies
Don Imus peaked sometime in the sixties, and looks a lot older than he is. Kind of like an aging bull-dyke with anorexia and a penis. He epitomizes everything that every minority in America despises about the dominance of a White heterosexist patriarchy. He is foul-mouthed, blowhard with a chip on his shoulder deeper than the Grand Canyon and an axe to grind with almost every politician or public figure of any stripe or affiliation.
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