Mumia Mia!
MTV has demanded that Public Enemy modify a reference to Mumia Abu-Jamal, convicted of killing a police officer, by removing, of all words, the word "free" form the video. "We felt it was a personal and political position on an individual, and we are an unbiased company. We asked them to resubmit the video without the word 'free.'" How about "fuck off hypocrites", but remove the word "off"? -- September 19, 2002
Jejune Journalism
A backslapping, under-exercised, thirties-going-on-seventies school of mediocre, William F. Buckley-inspired puffery pundit poofs offers a daunting yet valuable insight as to how much education is needed in America’s synagogues and churches before we can expect to see or make a difference in the mosques and madrassas in the Middle East, let alone demand it
Shrivel Rights
If you can wade through the pop-up advertising that bombards you like a fucking semi-automatic when you hit some of the News Corp properties like the New York Post or the "We Respect Your Likeness" Page Six in conjunction with their scathing images and spiteful, libelous crap, you'll realize that soon we will have no Shrivel Rights.
Slander This!
Ann Coulter's latest diatribe in print, Slander, is hitting the best seller lists quicker than you can screech Mellon Scaiffe, but the blondest bimbo of them all cannot dispel the myth that her dementia and self-delusion represents the very worst of pussy uncontrol. This one's for you, Babs Olson!
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