Passion Hate
Governor-elect Schwarzenegger's expressed admiration for Hitler in his 1970's movie Pumping Iron and Nazi father meant nothing to voters. While his acting skill in the Lethal Weapons series may be more of a reason to crucify Mel Gibson than whatever it was that irked the Jews about Jesus back then, his outbursts have been so misdirected it's a wonder he hasn't accused Schwarzenegger of being Jewish. -- October 29, 2003
Siegfried and Rush
Roy Horn, the Roy of the magicians Siegfried and Roy, who have been torturing animals and humans alike in the cheeesiest, glitziest show to ever hit the Las Vegas Strip, was mauled by a white tiger after tapping it on the nose with a microphone. There's hope however, that not only will he recover, but that a jack of all trades -- between jobs, and armed to the hilt with painkillers -- will save the day. You, however, might need a few painkillers yourself. -- October 6, 2003
Someone Talked!
When former Miss Vermont, Katy Johnson, read Tucker Max's graphic account of their stormy relationship, she sued, winning a temporary injunction that is about to be challenged. In addition to all the legal documents filed in the case, has also published the original account of Tucker Max’s relationship with Katy Johnson.
Looting and Lying
Jayson Blair, 27, committed "frequent acts of journalistic fraud while covering significant news events in recent months", concluded an investigation by The New York Times. Affirmative Action is being bandied about as a root cause for the New York Times scandal, but seems like the white whores in the media have set a beautiful precedent. Welcome to their club Jayson. -- May 11, 2003
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