Ann Coulter's latest book, Godless, was launched with a PR campaign that targeted the widows of 911. Was Ann a victim of too much testosterone as a baby? Are her vitriolic rants genuine or is she simply another media whore playing to her audience? Does she really have a vagina? -- June 10, 2006
The incontinent old fart, Don Imus, giggled like a Brokeback cowgirl, with his effette sidekick, Charles McCord, as his nigger-hatin', homo-hatin', self hatin' producer, Bernie McGuirk launched a racist diatribe suggesting Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney's never had a white man jizz on her face. Has Deirdre Imus ever had black man's jizz on hers? How about Carol McGuirk? Or Caryn Zucker? Or Rick Kaplan -- April 6, 2007
A Million Little Fleeces
Thanks to the Smoking Gun, the world now knows (and cares) that James Frey cooked up a story called A Million Little Pieces, which was apparently rejected by his publisher as a fiction, and subsequently repackaged as a memoir. Not to be confused with an autobiography, which suggests a factually accurate, verifiable recalling of events, but simply a memoir, which is a non-fictional, but far less scrutinized recalling of events by the author. -- January 26, 2006
Thereís no denying that the mining disaster in Sago, West Virginia was a tragedy. As the news media gushed on about miracles, from a breathless CNNís Anderson Cooper to a wheezing Rita Cosby on MSNBC, it seemed that God still had one or two nasty tricks up his sleeve. -- Janauary 4, 2006
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