Trashin' of the Christ
Mel Gibson’s marketing strategy behind his controversial film, The Passion of the Christ, appears to have taken a page from the Columbia Pictures playbook. While he deserves the right to express his opinions, be they anti-Semitic, homophobic and any of the other charming attributes he carries, his “some of my best friends are Jewish” shtick seems a tad shallow if he’d knowingly smear the Pope. And allegedly threaten to kill New York Times columnsit Frank Rich for pointing out the Emperor's wardrobe deficiencies. -- February 15, 2004
When men get hard by dropping bombs, and boys try to act like men by ripping off women's clothing, and leave them to face the music alone, it's not only time to cry yourself a river, but time to call a wimp a wimp. When John Ashcroft covered the breasts of a statue in the Department of Justice with $5000 drapes, art lovers recoiled in horror. What the hell is Timberlake's next album going to be called? Elvira? -- February 10, 2004
Fuck Iraq
Gloria (Gloria) Laci’s parents looked to you.....(Gloria) Michael Jackson’s children too (Gloria)..... And then of course the TV crew (Gloria)... The consummate conniver, a new reality show survivor.....The whoring Gloria....
Ronnie and Jessica
In the last couple of months, frightening whores from a couple of TV networks botched two major stories -- Ronald Reagan and Jessica Lynch -- wrapping them in sensationalized packaging. From the bowels of NBC and CBS comes the incredible story of an American dream that nobody could ever forget...except the two of them! Ronnie and Jessica -- the most fanciful story ever told! -- November 8, 2003
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