Hollywood Morality
Much like America’s Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld’s, criticism of “Old Europe,” or semi-lucid Charlton Heston waving his gun in the air in Columbine, all that’s missing from MPAA's pompous dinosaur, Jack Valenti, is a challenge to rip the movie industry’s old-school, technologically retarded business model from his cold, dead fingers. The resounding student response -- as well as the less educated, yet technologically-literate-enough-to-download crowd -- would likely be: “You RIP dude and we’ll rip.”
The Gift
Perfectly timed, The Gift, a documentary by American filmmaker Louise Hogarth, offers an enlightening, balanced and thoroughly researched exploration into a world of men who have involved themselves in an all-too-real fantasy world, where sex involves a dangerous game of Russian roulette.
New York Postmortem
Maybe some pissed off queen or Special Forces fag or irate Italian should strap a suicide bomb to their belt and mince, march or barge into the Post’s New York offices and detonate to provide the whores with some more excitement. Perhaps then, we’ll see the New York Post editorial chill out a little and get back to killing celebrities by dangerously chasing them in cars instead of inciting their readers to do their dirty work for them.
Bully Pal Pit
Combined with the reborn Christians and self-hating, shaved-headed gay-obsessed buffoons who fawn over him like virgin nuns at prison rodeos, the adolescent bantering and bullying on radio and simulcast on MSNBC Imus in the Morning is enough to inspire fucking suicide bombers in Manhattan -- October 2, 2002
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