Bloody Mary
What desperation, anguish and confusion compels a beautiful, educated young women to blow herself up, taking out twenty one other with her? What horror was witnessed, what hope diminished, what possibility snuffed out? There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as we ignore the reality of what is happening, silence enlightening opinions, or refuse, point balnk, to even try to understand. -- January 29, 2004
Mazel's Muzzle
Israeli Ambassador Zvi Mazel decided unilaterally that "Snow White and the Madness of Truth" -- an exhibit of an installation by former Israeli, Dror Feiler, and his Swedish wife Gunnaras -- represented a glorification of suicide bombers - and showed his displeasure by deliberately vandalizing the installation's presentation at Stockholm's Museum of National Antiquities. Despite the international crisis and horrifying example, fellow Kristallnacht resurrectors, Ariel Sharon and Tel Aviv Museum's curator, Doron Luria, praised Mazel's action, paving way for diplomatic-immunity-protected vandalism at Israel's own Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, for those who feel (regardless of artists' intentions) that it glorifies genocide. Do idiocy and arrogance have no bounds? -- January 19 2004.
Fuck Iraq
Gloria (Gloria) Laciís parents looked to you.....(Gloria) Michael Jacksonís children too (Gloria)..... And then of course the TV crew (Gloria)... The consummate conniver, a new reality show survivor.....The whoring Gloria....
Siegfried and Rush
Roy Horn, the Roy of the magicians Siegfried and Roy, who have been torturing animals and humans alike in the cheeesiest, glitziest show to ever hit the Las Vegas Strip, was mauled by a white tiger after tapping it on the nose with a microphone. There's hope however, that not only will he recover, but that a jack of all trades -- between jobs, and armed to the hilt with painkillers -- will save the day. You, however, might need a few painkillers yourself. -- October 6, 2003
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