Phoenix Rising
From the flames...Then the oil men sobbing and frantic...And flying away, and wanting their fixes and crucifixes, And the hellís-fire blazing, and the lack of reason, And the city inquisitional and the skies unfriendly...And the coffee franchises filthy and charging high prices: A crude time we had of it. -- September 11, 2003
Sardonic American Rhetoric Syndrome vaults into overdrive. Sometimes Assholes Require Sympathy, Sick As Rupertís Sons, See Asia Really Squirm, Sidestep Authentic Responsibility Syndrome, Should Ari Remain Spokesman?Still Arafatís Really Steering, Scrap Abbas-Sharon Resort Summit, Saddam Absent, Ran Somewhere, Seen Al-Qaida Running Scared?
Blame Iraq
Like the space shuttle Challenger disaster 17 years ago this week, the disintegration of the shuttle Columbia played out in real time before a nationwide television audience, reminding us not only how precarious life in space is, but how fucking similar the Reagan and Bush Junior presidencies really are. May everyone rest in peace -- February 2, 2003.
Born in the USA
Brought up in a dynasty; Oil, blood and weaponry surrounding me; Pharmacologic logic self destructive fantasy; Till punished for and by and as your Dadís hypocrisy...Got myself in a financial jam; Nothing but a debt to Uncle Sam; Discarded nigger back from the desert sand; Trained to aim and kill my fellow man. Greetings from Noelle Bush and John Allen Muhammad.
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