Lighten Up
it’s reality that is depressing, and antidepressants and all its cope constructed cousins are nothing more than a pharmacological escape from it, not a coping mechanism to function in it. We are confusing grim realism with depression, pessimism with weakness and denial with optimism. As a result, everyone’s taking all the wrong drugs for all the wrong reasons.
Tragic Mistakes
For in the end, it was not the might of able bodies, reduced to nothing more than tearful memories on the road to inevitability that would effect the most change, but the momentary glimmer of reason lost in the unconscious sanctuary of self-righteous moral certainty.
Ariel Bin Sharon
Only Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad have greater global renown than Osama bin Laden. His face beams out of every television bulletin. He is the poster boy and chanted hero of Islamic extremists across Asia. But let's not forget about a certain Israeli with a penchant for Palestinian Pork for pudding.
Sign Up Your Daughters
George W. Bush, February wants to give states over $300 million in new subsidies to promote "healthy marriages." How healthy? Like his Daddy, who cheated on his Mom, or himself who had to down a bottle of Jack Daniels before he could get it up for the First Lady?
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