Journalism Horrific
Not since Bush's first cousin, working at Rupert Murdoch's Fox news cable network, called the Florida election for Bush, (igniting a change that disenfranchised thousands of voters and ensured a war mongering moron took office), has journalism been so blatantly caught out. The unfortunate survivors of anthrax at Murdoch's New York Post are at it again, calling Gephardt the VP choice for Kerry on their front page, instantly recalled online. -- July 6, 2004
Fired and Tired
"Liberation" invaded Iraq, killed thousands of her people, destroyed her infrastructure, and established a military occupation in her towns and cities complete with censorship, curfews, barbed wire, and, of course, the removal of Saddam Hussein and his hordes of weapons of mass destruction. If this is how the U.S. communicates the taste of freedom, perhaps those involved in the Fallujah atrocity were adapting to the behavior of their occupiers. A slightly more violent admonishment for their misunderstanding of the term freedom. A workaround the minefield of intellectual property law ala Trump. "You're Fired!"-- April 17, 2004
Aborters Wanted
Attorney General John Ashcroft insisted that doctor-patient privacy is not threatened by a government attempt to subpoena medical records in a lawsuit over the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. At least six hospitals have been targeted by subpoenas, including facilities in New York and Michigan. Luckily the threat of terrorism has disappeared, the CIA has figured out how to improve their intelligence, and the idiot who leaked CIA operative Valerie Plame's name to Robert Novack has been punished. Go John Go. __ February 23, 2004
FCCing Nasty
For most of the nationís children, a breast is probably the first thing they ever see. A more natural, nurturing and beautiful appendage is hard to imagine. With all the latest erection inducing ads flooding the Superbowl, the guardians of morality, like FCC's Michael Powell, seem a little confused. Perhaps Mr. Powell and the rest of the women-hating, uptight morons going ballistic over (gasp) the exposure of Janet Jackson's breast, think we ought to be feeding our children formula out of AK47ís instead. -- February 6, 2004
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