Killing in the Name of God
Although we’ve come to expect nothing less from the filthy pig named Pat Robertson, we still were astounded that this man who claims to have a relationship with Jesus would call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela. -- August 23, 2005
Neo Constitution
Iraqi women are in a near panic as the threat of a Sharia law based legal system hovers ominously over the constitutional protection once promised along with the pelting of U.S servicemembers with flowers upon the liberation of Baghdad.
Reality Blows
With shills pretending to be journalists, columnists pretending to be psychologists, celebrities pretending to be doctors, drug addicts masquerading as cowboys, mothers trying to be daughters, bitches in bow ties and babies in bedrooms, we have reached a point where no one knows who the hell they are anymore, what role they should be playing or what the hell they should be doing. -- June 30, 2005
The Gloria Allred Show
The cable networks, covering the Michael Jackson trial, have decided to torture Americans by broadcasting the spotlight whore, Gloria Allred, ad nauseum, dousing viewers with her overly-priced two-cents worth. As if the bit-player role she transformed into a starring role in the Scott Peterson case wasn’t enough. A reality show about the psychological dysfunction of the Allreds disguised as a talk show. A somehow crasser, uglier and more irritating version of Joan and Melissa Rivers, if you can believe it possible. -- June 12, 2005
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