While the man-made, Neocon tsunami that killed perhaps as many in Iraq has been relegated from the headlines, the violence and mayhem continues unabated. After George W. Bush finally bothered to disrupt his Crawford vacation to respond to the tsunami -- only following global criticism for his stunning silence and the paltry sum initially offered as aid -- he sent his brother Jeb Bush and Secretary of State, Colin Powell, to the region to witness the devastation first hand. Stingy? Not America. Look how much she's spending on "liberation". -- Janauary 4, 2005
FOIA Proof
Where is Bush's FBI file? When it comes to the issue of FBI files on President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry, the so-called liberal media have shown unquestionable bias in only scrutinizing Kerry's dossier and ignoring the possibility of a file on Bush. -- October 1, 2004
As Martha Stewart prepares to serve time, requesting to begin her incarceration before her appeal is heard, America can rest easy, knowing Osama Bin Laden is still free, Republicans will demonstrate will find out who leaked fake memos to CBS and that the Sunni Triangle is the season's hot spot. -- September 20, 2004
Terrorism Alert
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said today he saw no contradiction in the government's renewed public warning of likely terrorist act and its unwillingness to raise the official alert status. In a completely unrelated event, American counterterrorism officials, citing what they call "alarming" intelligence about a possible Qaeda strike inside the United States this fall, are reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement of the November presidential election in the event of such an attack. -- July 11, 2004
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