Immaculate Erection
While the Vatican prayed for peace in the Middle East and spoke out loudly against the violence and bloodshed, children lost innocence and faith at the hands of negligent parents and Catholic priests in a church that shrouds in silence and denial, the rampant pedophilia in its ranks.
Miss Pedophilia
The Pope will do nothing; he’ll turn a blind eye; John Ashcroft will save you from statues, not I. Denial and secrecy are a powerful mix, That the Church will exploit to cover up our tricks. So hop under my habit and say your Hail Mary’s; The Satan in Satin will blame it on fairies; And faggots and homos and the evil of queers, Not the Priests he’s ordaining and been hiding for years.
Happy Fucking Easter
Move over Santa Fucking Clause. It's bunny time again. Time for all you well meaning folk to run out and buy chocolate eggs to rot the teeeth of your children, so they can ponder the chicken and egg question again. Was the Church too chicken (as in chicken shit) to help the kids the priests keep molesting, or does the smell of chocolate eggs evoke the propesnity to use little kids as sex toys? Either way, seems there's a lot to be happy about right now.
Faith Based
We ought to ask the question: Does the program work? And if faith is the integral part of a program being successful, the government ought to say hallelujah. We ought to say, we welcome the good work of faith in our society. We ought not to fear it; we ought to welcome it and encourage it. -- George W.Bush, November 20, 2001
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