Who's Abusing Who?
The U.S. military and Catholic Church function as entities unto themselves. They have their own standards, their own morals, their own values and their own set of laws that govern their conduct. Deference is given to them by both courts and constitutions globally. Both have been beset by scandal, time and time again. Most often, it's about sex.
Suffer the Children
There is a difference between "a moral monster like [Boston priest John] Geoghan, who preys on little children in a serial fashion, and someone who perhaps under the influence of alcohol engages in an action with a 17- or 16-year-old young woman who returns his affection." Cardinal Francis George, the archbishop of Chicago
Dirty Devil
Monsignor Eugene Clark, the rectum rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, suggests a flawed moral theology, an attack on celibacy, and the fear to exclude homosexuals from the priesthood are among the reasons the Church is wracked by the grim sexual abuse scandal. Helpful hint: Take off your fucking satin, frocks and sashes instead of serving as wet-dreams for every Catholic-guilt-riddden, closet drag queen.
Just Wiggle
Less than a week after discussing the church's sexual abuse scandal with Pope John Paul II, U.S. Roman Catholic cardinals defended their decision not to adopt a "zero tolerance" policy against priests accused of abusing minors. Francis George of Chicago suggested the church should allow “wiggle room” in punishing abusive priests. "The Holy Father is turned on by children," said Washington archbishop, Theodore E. McCarrick. Keep wiggling fellas!
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