Happy Fucking Holidays
When delusions of grandeur and martyrdom of a somewhat limited IQ are reinforced, particularly if said IQ is a Bible-thumping President, we experience what is known as a "Military Industrial God Complex". Its confused manifestation outlaws procedures like abortion regardless of the health of the mother, or bans life-saving stem cell research, while plugging severely deformed persons into life-support apparatus against their express wishes, or carpet bombing women and children. It's not very pretty. -- December 2003
Killa Queen
Goodbye Polish Queen; Can’t you hear the heavens call. You’ve no grace left to hold yourself; If they let you go you’ll fall. You kiss the goddamn runways, And harbor pedophilic pigs, Your bishops have no shame. Do you even know your name?
Moral Bankruptcy
The Boston Globe reported Sunday November 30, 2002, that the archdiocese is preparing to file for bankruptcy rather than face a legal battle that could drag on for years, and cost more than $100 million. An estimated 450 people have hired law firms to press sexual abuse claims against the Roman Catholic archdiocese at the hands of pedophile priests. Cardinal Bernard Law is said to favor bankruptcy. It would match the moral bankruptcy of the Church leadership.
Amina Lawal
Why, why Miss Nigerian Cry, Tried to stone you, then enthrone you but then things went awry. Tried to rescue, but then left you in the blink of an eye. Nigeria’s shame, you’ll bear the blame, why? ‘Cos Allah says that women must die.
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