Abaya Brigades
Demonstrating the compassion of Islamic law, or Shariah, a Nigerian court, August 19 2002, sentenced Amin Lawal to death by stoning to be carried out as soon as she weaned her daughter from breast-feeding. Despite claims by the United Sates to have liberated Afghani women (by having Laura Bush send them sewing kits), women in the armed services are still required to wear abayas when off base in Saudi Arabia.
Who's Abusing Who?
The U.S. military and Catholic Church function as entities unto themselves. They have their own standards, their own morals, their own values and their own set of laws that govern their conduct. Deference is given to them by both courts and constitutions globally. Both have been beset by scandal, time and time again. Most often, it's about sex.
Quibla Quibblers
The US Government has released photographs of the Taleban and al-Qaeda suspects held at its prison camp in Cuba which show them being subjected to sensory deprivation. The prisoners are shown kneeling down, wearing goggles, ear muffs, surgical masks and heavy gloves.
Bombs Away
I urge you (children) to show the best of America, by directly helping the children of Afghanistan who are suffering from the oppression and misrule of their own government. Many are malnourished, many are starving -- George W. Bush
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