Person of the Year
To Everything (Burn, Burn, Burn); There is no reason (Burn, Burn, Burn); And excuses for every purpose, under Heaven. A time to report, a time to lie, A time to embed, a time to creep, A time to kill, a time to tie, A time to slice, a time to weep, To Everything (Burn, Burn, Burn), There is religion (Burn, Burn, Burn). And a cost for every purpose, under Heaven. -- May 11, 2004
Unfortunate Decisions
Regretfully they sell us, But firmly they compel us, To say goodby to you. So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehn, good night, The war you leave is not a pretty sight. So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehn, adieu, Adieu, adieu, to thousands just like you. -- May 4, 2004
Who's Your Baghdaddy?
As allegations and accusations fly following the publication of photographs taken by servicemembers in The New Yorker magazine depicting abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison, (including keeping prisoners naked and forcing them to perform simulated and real sex acts) one thing is abundantly clear. When you train troops to lie about sexuality and look the other way rather than confront reality, you get nothing more than confused troops and mixed messages. "Don't Ask" what we do in interrogations, and we "Won't Tell". -- May 2, 2004
Fired and Tired
"Liberation" invaded Iraq, killed thousands of her people, destroyed her infrastructure, and established a military occupation in her towns and cities complete with censorship, curfews, barbed wire, and, of course, the removal of Saddam Hussein and his hordes of weapons of mass destruction. If this is how the U.S. communicates the taste of freedom, perhaps those involved in the Fallujah atrocity were adapting to the behavior of their occupiers. A slightly more violent admonishment for their misunderstanding of the term freedom. A workaround the minefield of intellectual property law ala Trump. "You're Fired!"-- April 17, 2004
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