Ashes to Ashcroft 2002
Ashcroft is a cheerleader for the death penalty at every turn. Bush says that he sees no need for a moratorium on federal executions. He almost certainly would not have granted a federal inmate the six-month stay of execution that Clinton did pending review of gaping racial disparities in those given the federal death penalty.
Ashcroft's List
Federal agents arrested dozens of the Israeli men and women in late October and early November 2001 on charges of working without authorization. Agents interrogated the Israelis and in most cases ordered them held without bond. Holding people who clearly have no tie-in to September 11th, speaks volumes about the quality of FŁhrer Ashcroft's competence, overall investigation and detention of hundreds of Arabs.
Freedom Massacre
"Law enforcement is now empowered with new tools and resources necessary to disrupt, weaken, and eliminate the infrastructure of terrorist organizations, to prevent or thwart terrorist attacks, and to punish the perpetrators of terrorist acts." -- Attorney General John Ashcroft, October 26, 2001
Dick Cheney
Let them Eat Nuclear Power..."If you want to do something about carbon dioxide emissions, then you ought to build nuclear power plants. They donít emit any carbon dioxide. They donít emit greenhouse gases." -- Vice President, Dick Cheney
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