Here, Queer, Dead!
In its day, Queer Nation told a collectively homophobic nation to get used to it. Unfortunately, too many people did, but with it came complacency. It's time for a Queer Nation comeback -- We're Here, We're Queer, Stay Clear. -- July 19, 2006
Here, Queer...
Awkward acronyms notwithstanding, gay campaign groups OutRage! and IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia), along with Michael Petrelis in San Francisco, have mobilized a global campaign and declared July 19, 2006 an International Day of Action Against Homophobic Persecution in Iran(IDAAHOPI). The campaign marks the first anniversary of Iran's brutal hanging of two gay teenagers, Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni. -- July 19, 2006
Mein London
A disciplinary panel took the highly unusual step of suspending the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, for four weeks to punish him for comparing a Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard. -- February 24, 2006
Rootkits and Bootkicks
Secret installations, false and misleading assurances, lack of appreciation of the consequences? What else does the CIA and Sony BMG have in common? Sony has been stealthily installing hidden software on PCs while the CIA has been stealthily setting up secret installations to interrogate detainees without oversight or within established acceptable treatment. The CIA's "black sites" and Sony's XCP rootkits should inspire trust in both government and the private sector. -- November 16, 2005
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