Born in the USA
Brought up in a dynasty; Oil, blood and weaponry surrounding me; Pharmacologic logic self destructive fantasy; Till punished for and by and as your Dadís hypocrisy...Got myself in a financial jam; Nothing but a debt to Uncle Sam; Discarded nigger back from the desert sand; Trained to aim and kill my fellow man. Greetings from Noelle Bush and John Allen Muhammad.
Camp Ashcroft
As John Ashcroft begins preparing the camps and President Bush milks the blood of World Trade Center victims to push a political agenda that will make him and his accomplices rich, Homeland Defense has never been so terrifying a prospect. It's summer time, lets camp. September 2002.
Vapid Victims
Missing daughters, missing cash, Losing power, tabloid trash, Faggot power mafia madness, Aging agents, Awful sadness, Kidnap cash cow, Corporate slime, Nasdaq Know How, Inside Crime, White collar criminals, White House dictums, Vanquished vanity, Vapid victims - July 4, 2002
Atta Boy Blues
Shelving Nuke heads, Faith-Based Service; Tom Ridge, Cabinet, Getting Nervous; War Torn Rebuilding, Monsanto Patent; Citizen, Civilian, Enemy Combatant; Alien Clamp Down, Terrorist Nation; INS Incompetence, Dissent Alienation; Fatal Fantasies, Hijack Hijinks; Juxtaposed Justice, Martyrdom Kinks; Infidel Infidelity, Crucifixion Cry; Immaculate Emasculation, Blatant Allah Lie
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