Why Burn It?
A proposed Constitutional amendment to allow Congress to prohibit desecration of the flag fell a single vote short of approval by the Senate. The 66-to-34 vote on the amendment was one vote short of the 67 required to send the amendment to the states for potential ratification as the 28th Amendment. Frist and Hatch had a shit fit, but we had a solution. -- June 28, 2006
Occupational Sovereignty
There was no "Mission Accomplished" banner nor President flying in Air Force drag this time. When the United States, represented by the Bush Administration handed Iraq back to a hand-picked interim government they decided better suited its current agenda, along with a set of rules and restrictions that appear to confuse sovereignty with servitude, the true colors of the doctrine of preemptive force were revealed. -- July 2, 2004.
Destructive Disengagement
While Reaganís hateful and ignorant policies (or lack thereof) on AIDS were responsible for the deaths of so many, his atrocious support of the Apartheid regime in South Africa makes the blood on his hands, and those ignoring his horrific legacy, thicker and filthier. Mister Murdoch, jump off that fucking wall. If there is a God, rest assured, Reaganís heterofascist racist city on the hill is not shining. Itís flaming. -- June 9, 2004
Like Apple Fucking Pie
Top Secret Reports, Enraged Retorts; Cover up sessions and last resorts; Deranged cohorts, Dictator Sports, Our Mighty Moral Exports; Occupational hazards, Hazardous occupations, Over simple generalizations, Under General Consternation: CIA disarray, Military led astray, Not much left to say, Though we wave the flag anyway. The revulsion we decry, Like the truth we deny, About the apples of our eyes, As we grapple with the lies. Itís not just the few forgotten, The entire pie is rotten. -- June 5, 2004
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