Person of the Year
To Everything (Burn, Burn, Burn); There is no reason (Burn, Burn, Burn); And excuses for every purpose, under Heaven. A time to report, a time to lie, A time to embed, a time to creep, A time to kill, a time to tie, A time to slice, a time to weep, To Everything (Burn, Burn, Burn), There is religion (Burn, Burn, Burn). And a cost for every purpose, under Heaven. -- May 11, 2004
Already the miscalculations are coming home to roost. Using dramatic images of September 11 in a dramatic ad campaign, the Bushies horrified and offended the families of victims and survivors of the terrorist attacks, who were sickened by the politicization of an event that was supposed to have represented -- if anything -- a non-partisan unity of American resolve. -- March 29, 2004
Phoenix Rising
From the flames...Then the oil men sobbing and frantic...And flying away, and wanting their fixes and crucifixes, And the hellís-fire blazing, and the lack of reason, And the city inquisitional and the skies unfriendly...And the coffee franchises filthy and charging high prices: A crude time we had of it. -- September 11, 2003
Be Ready
The graphical representation of a man serenely pondering the dead fish and then calmly walking away, as if on high-potency Quaaludes, Rohypnol or the same anti-depressants that allow Laura Bush to smile, read to children upside down and not so much as flinch as the world explodes around her, is enough to reassure the most cynical that a chemical attack is no more dangerous than a partisan one.
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