The Nick Berg Beheading

The Nick Berg Beheading

Editor's Note: The execution of Nick Berg has been made available on to allow those who choose the option to witness the horror for themselves. It is not here for gratuitous reasons, to gloat or make baseless comparisons with other grotesque acts. The horrific beheading speaks for itself.

The wave of media irresponsibility, their nauseating, agenda-driven claim to exclusivity when it comes to this sort of horror, their censoring of body parts and the government’s grip on what we should or shouldn’t see, compelled us to present this video in its entirety. We simply feel that you are in a better position to make necessary choices as to what you want to witness, not the likes of Rupert Murdoch or Donald Rumsfeld, whose tastes we have already been exposed to, and who have proved ill-equipped to serve as arbiters of good taste.

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