Green Screen
BP's CEO, Tom Hayward, is the worst kind of manipulative, entitled culprit. This isn't a matter of demonizing Big Oil any more than it already demonizes itself, but Hayward's rollbacks of any BP projects that were even remotely green is well known. The only green BP, or Tony Hayward, gives a flying crap about is money.
Bring in the Clowns
Michael Brown, Bush's Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response, was about as effective in the preparation and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as an unarmoured Humvee on the road from Baghdad Airport to the Green Zone. This clown is not only incompetent, he's one of the most cowardly fucks we've ever covered. "Good job Brownie," said President Bush, as his mother Barbara chuckled over the windfall the evacuees at the Astrodome in Houston scored. (She would have chuckled at how lucky Jews and queers were at Auschwitz, given how warm those ovens must have been in those nasty winters.)
Dick Hunting
Judicial-ethics experts say Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's ride aboard Air Force Two could be viewed as an improper gift from a litigant to a justice. In addition, some say the fact that the justice and a litigant are vacationing together undermines the appearance of judicial impartiality. If Judical-ethics experts think it, can you imagine what Joe Fuck on the street thinks? If it quacks like one, it usually is.
Mass Destruction
General Motors' fleet imposes the largest "carbon burden," producing 6.7 million metric tons per year. GM is followed closely by Ford, whose fleet produces 5.6 million tons. The carbon burden is the total CO2 emitted by a group of vehicles each year and represents their lifetime average global warming impact. -- September 30, 2002
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