Just Say Go
"As I've said many times, drug abuse knows no boundaries. It crosses all lines - geographical, racial, political, economic. There is no one here today whose country isn't affected by the inevitable sorrow and tragedy drug abuse causes. Not only can it tear down an entire nation, it also brings danger into the lives of our most precious resource our children. It is up to our generation to protect them and provide for them a drug-free world in which to live. We must act now, not tomorrow, or the next day." Nancy Reagan promoting her 'Just Say No' campaign. Not a word about AIDs though. Not for seven years.
Lighten Up
it’s reality that is depressing, and antidepressants and all its cope constructed cousins are nothing more than a pharmacological escape from it, not a coping mechanism to function in it. We are confusing grim realism with depression, pessimism with weakness and denial with optimism. As a result, everyone’s taking all the wrong drugs for all the wrong reasons.
Drugs on War
White House drug policy czar John P. Walters said he wants Congress to continue funding an ad campaign -- which costs taxpayers $180 million a year -- so that his agency will have the resources to "refocus" the campaign. A survey found no evidence the multimillion-dollar campaign is discouraging drug use. May 15, 2002.
A Drug A Day
Attorney General John Ashcroft, March 20 2002, said the department's $19.2 billion drug-control strategy is aimed at reducing the flow of illegal drugs by 10 percent over the next two years and, eventually, by 25 percent in 2007. The attorney general said there is "an undeniable link" between acts of terrorism and illicit drugs. Perhaps he means the cocaine snorted by the President paid for the airplane flight school lessons taken by the terrorists.
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