Someone Talked!
When former Miss Vermont, Katy Johnson, read Tucker Max's graphic account of their stormy relationship, she sued, winning a temporary injunction that is about to be challenged. In addition to all the legal documents filed in the case, has also published the original account of Tucker Max’s relationship with Katy Johnson.
War Against War
From San Francisco, ground zero of the antiwar movement in the United States, Clinton Fein's War Against War is the beginning of an audio-visual commentary on what the modern antiwar movement looks like and how it operates. A diverse group of talented, caring, dangerous, flawed and agenda-driven coalitions are hard to peg and hard to stop. This feature covers the good, the bad and the ugly of where we find ourselves today and where we may be tomorrow.
The Gift
Perfectly timed, The Gift, a documentary by American filmmaker Louise Hogarth, offers an enlightening, balanced and thoroughly researched exploration into a world of men who have involved themselves in an all-too-real fantasy world, where sex involves a dangerous game of Russian roulette.
Feel the Fear
From quarantine to dentition camps, from oversight to secret, from privileged communications to unprecedented surveillance, and from freedom to fear, never before has so much happened so quickly to jeopardize everything freedom represents.
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