FCCing Nasty
For most of the nationís children, a breast is probably the first thing they ever see. A more natural, nurturing and beautiful appendage is hard to imagine. With all the latest erection inducing ads flooding the Superbowl, the guardians of morality, like FCC's Michael Powell, seem a little confused. Perhaps Mr. Powell and the rest of the women-hating, uptight morons going ballistic over (gasp) the exposure of Janet Jackson's breast, think we ought to be feeding our children formula out of AK47ís instead. -- February 6, 2004
The Pope Calling the Kettle Black
The demented, intellectually retarded transvestite that traverses the globe in a satin dress kissing tarmac (while the majority of his organization kisses prepubescent boys in confessionals) in July 2003 released a tortured, long winded screed that all but ensures that homophobic Catholics who don't actually kill their children, will instill as much fear and hatred in them to allow them to kill themselves.
Slinking Towards Sodom
"So imbued is the Court with the law profession's anti-anti-homosexual culture, that it is seemingly unaware that the attitudes of that culture are not obviously "mainstream"; that in most States what the Court calls "discrimination" against those who engage in homosexual acts is perfectly legal..." declared Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in a scathing dissent overturning a same-sex law in Texas, June 26, 2003. Where's the "Just Say No" crowd when you need them?
The Gift
Perfectly timed, The Gift, a documentary by American filmmaker Louise Hogarth, offers an enlightening, balanced and thoroughly researched exploration into a world of men who have involved themselves in an all-too-real fantasy world, where sex involves a dangerous game of Russian roulette.
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