Bah Ashcroft!
Fuck Habeus Corpus. In a letter to Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld Attorney General Ashcroft said, "...since September 11, maintaining heightened readiness and security have required extraordinary efforts from limited staff resources." Burn the damn Constitution. Bring on the guns!
New Year 2002
Wishing you a happy New Year, as if we give a shit. Another fucking year is upon us and itís that time when we send cheesy little cards and nauseating well wishes for the Holiday Season. Damn, what fucking fun this year will be.
Virtually Safe
Direct person-to-person spread of anthrax is extremely unlikely, if it occurs at all. Therefore, there is no need to immunize or treat contacts of persons ill with anthrax, such as household contacts, friends, or coworkers, unless they also were also exposed to the same source of infection. In persons exposed to anthrax, infection can be prevented with antibiotic treatment.
Improper Gander
Ever-threatening, ever-amateurish White House flak, Ari Fleischer. Among the Americans who need watch what they say probably are included political operatives whose first reaction to one of the most terrible days in the nation's history is to concoct barefaced prevarications and then, when they're found out, concoct excuses as lame as their lies were brazen. .
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