The incontinent old fart, Don Imus, giggled like a Brokeback cowgirl, with his effette sidekick, Charles McCord, as his nigger-hatin', homo-hatin', self hatin' producer, Bernie McGuirk launched a racist diatribe suggesting Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney's never had a white man jizz on her face. Has Deirdre Imus ever had black man's jizz on hers? How about Carol McGuirk? Or Caryn Zucker? Or Rick Kaplan -- April 6, 2007
The Resurrection of Rosa
So, finally, did New York Times reporter, Judith Miller, speak about her role in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame, convincing herself that the First Amendment martyrdom that surrounds her plight (and the positioning of her in this role by The New York Times) remains her angle, even though she essentially violated the principle she claims to have upheld. With the death of Rosa Parks, America needs a new martyr, and who better than Judith Miller?
Dead at Last
In the process of absent-mindedly sauntering to the front of the bus, try not get run over by the White Lexus of the United States leadership or fooled by the whitest faced blacks in the blackest wing of the White House, nor mistake Condoleeza for Rosa. Let us not blindly drink from the poisonous well of bitterness and hatred, marketed and packaged as an anecdotal quench for our thirst for token equality.
Nigga Wit Attitude
On May 7, 2002, nine idiots from the Baltimore City Council joined Council member Melvin Stukes' proposal to ban use of the six-letter "N" word - nigger. He also wants to ban other derogatory words and to encourage young people to dress more conservatively. Those conservative vestments seemed to really fend off those horny Priests. Best not ban the words "fucking idiots," "honky tonk" -- or "First Amendment!"
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