Tumbling Man
As America mourns the loss of 3000 people who were killed in the worst terrorist attack on American soil, it may behoove us to remember those whose lives we could save but choose not to do so in many countries. Aids is still around, in case you were wondering. --September 11, 2004
Girlie Man
"He's the girlie man," said Mr Bailey, holding a drawing of state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing a bikini. "I passed him in the Capitol a couple of weeks ago and he had on more makeup than an anchorman." The humour, however, did not translate politically. "It uses an image that is associated with gay men in an insulting way, and it was supposed to be an insult," said state senator Sheila Kuehl. -- July 20, 2004
Ban Incest!
As Iraq explodes into martial law sovereignty and Tom Ridge and company warn of terrorist danger, the same Republicans who spent 70 million dollars investigating a blowjob while Al Quada plotted, are now trying to amend the constitution to prevent gays from marrying. Whoopie says Bush is a dick who needs a pussy wax, Dick says "Go Fuck Yourself" and the FCC may soon have to fine C-Span for indecency!!! With Barbara and Jenna Bush now on the campaign trail and glamming it up on the pages of Vogue, all is fair in love and war. Ask Uncle Jeb. -- July 16, 2004
Not Adam and Steve
In the wake of the panic attack among religious zealots and closet queened naysayers like Ralph Reed, William Bennett, Gary Bauer, Lou Sheldon et al. whose precarious marriages are threatened by gay marriage, the common bible spouting line is "God did not create Adam and Steve..."
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