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Friday, August 9, 2002

Shrivel Rights

I believe people have taken a step back and asked, `What's important in life?' You know, the bottom line and this corporate America stuff, is that important? Or is serving your neighbor, loving your neighbor like you'd like to be loved yourself?

President Fuckface’s message to the stupid little people sweating this corporate America “stuff” while their fraudulent neighbors like Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling sip Martinis paid for by middle management 401(k) plans. Dumb fucking idiot has a point though. With neighbors like these, white collar corporate crooks (who will end up doing as much time as cocoa skinned OJ Simpson), neighborly love would result a flood of mass suicides that would make Jim Jones green with fucking envy.

Is she an amnesiac? Does she remember what her husband did with words?

Mike Barnicle sitting in for Chris Matthews responding to Hillary Clinton’s criticism of the President’s words versus actions. No, tell us you self righteous cunt. Did he steal the words like you do? Is this pompous pussface an amnesiac? Last time we checked, this stinking word thief was booted from The Boston Globe for plagiarism before spending what seemed like a week on speed to cram in as many TV interviews as possible to inform the world he was “friends’ with JFK, Jr. For him to sit waxing poetic on words is kind of like the disgraced Catholic pedophiles chiding the Pope for not doing enough to stop child abuse by errant priests. This arrogant pigfuck is the clap on the cock of journalism. MSNBC deserves him.

Pornography is not protected speech

New York State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, to an oblivious Phil Donahue who gushed ahead on MSNBC’s new “Donahue” show which touts freedom of expression in its promo spots, and which mercifully replaced the cardigan clad failure, Alan Keyes and thankfully bumped Ashleigh Banfield to a later time slot by when most people have already fallen asleep or deliberately fucking overdosed. This smarmy Rudy Giuliani wannabe needs to learn one or two of the basic amendments of the constitution. Pornography is as protected as your little pristine ears are you hypocritical cocksucker, so why don’t you shove twin tower shaped dildos up your white flabby ass and learn the fucking law, smegma breath? What you gonna do now? Arrest us?

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind," Thomas Paine wrote in 1776. The truth of that is clear today. Thanks to America, it's morning again in Afghanistan. Thanks to American medicine, it's morning again for my father. And thanks to President Bush dawn will soon break for the people of Iraq--and it may not be too far off elsewhere in the Middle East.

Brendan Miniter, an assistant editor of The Wall Street Journal’s, torturously linking his father’s recent heart attack to applaud the Bush Administration’s decision to withhold over $34 million funding from a United Nations family planning program operating in China because of their sterilization policies. Thank Fuck his father survived or else this sanctimonious motherfucker would have probably recommended congress revoke “Permanent Normal Trade Relations” with China. Why should the UN give China money when we can use trade to kill those yellow bastards? Nothing quite like a fucking nuclear morning in Iraq. We’re sure the people of Iraq can’t wait. These pro-bomb, pro-gun, pro-war, pro-death penalty types are so fucking cute when they preach their pro-life rhetoric. Go ahead, save your goddamn spooge tissues when you jack off dipstick, but keep your pro-life crap, and Dad’s health issues, home where the fucking heart is.

Instead, just three years later, she's vaulted to the top of Worst Dressed lists the world over after horrifying everyone with the gothic Alexander McQueen shock frock she wore - bra-less - to the last Oscars. These days she's more Kelly Osbourne than Grace Kelly, more blue-collar than blue blood. And while former flames Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck are happily paired up with Jennifer Aniston and J. Lo, respectively, poor Gwynnie's got no one to help her Shout out those coffee stains.

New York Post, Murdoch whore, gossip slut, Megan Turner, in a really classy, academic evaluation of actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s career choices, physical appearance and individualism. This tabloid toilet tramp, (who thinks that sucking cock makes her more of a woman, and that her talentless tits are as attractive as her brain cell), can’t be blamed if she’s whoring her services for the New York Post, for Christ’s sake. What did you fucking expect? Dorothy Parker? More tampon than tiara, more cubic zirconium than diamond, more Target than Tiffany, when was the last time good-time Megs went to a fashion show with Madonna? C’mon folks, when this gutter tripe is considered literary in a self proclaimed era of Post 9-11 Post Irony, the bitch needs, if nothing else, a sympathy fuck. Badly.

You have also violated Mr. O’Reilly’s rights under Section 51 of the New York Civil Rights Law. That provision bars the use of a living person’s name, portrait, picture or voice for trade or advertising purposes without the written consent from that person. It is also obvious you have been using Mr. O’Reilly’s name in conjunction with your commercial attempt to sell advertising…Mr. O’Reilly and Fox News Network, LLC. Insist that you immediately discontinue using Mr. O’Reilly’s name in any way as a designation for your website and that you provide us with written confirmation that you have done so. To the extent that you ignore this request, you do so at your own peril.

Dianne Brandi, Vice President, Legal Affairs, Fox News Network, in a July 16 2002 letter to the proprietors of threatening to play hardball. Gee, another Fox bitch doing the bidding of the Angry White Male Network. If you can wade through the pop-up advertising that bombards you like a fucking semi-automatic when you hit some of the News Corp properties like New York Post or the "We Respect Your Likeness" Page Six in conjunction with their scathing images and spiteful, libelous crap (see Megan Turner above) you might actually laugh at the audacity of this diatribe. In New York, when a cop shoves a plunger up your ass, it’s more likely to be considered a civil rights violation than being told, as a rich, white, arrogant, opinionated asshole, that you suck. In case you don’t get it, fellas, [AD PLACEMENT AVAILABLE HERE] “Fuck You and the Horse Your Rode in On Bill O’Reilly” [AD PLACEMENT AVAILABLE HERE].

However, the real deal here is that like Woody Allen, Americans have turned on Michael Jackson. They believe he is a child molester. And they believe that he's a freak of nature. I mean we just see the latest pictures. The guy's white now. Somehow a black man has turned himself into a white man with hair like Elizabeth Taylor. They don't want — Americans don't want this kind of a presence in their living room on the CD, On television. And that's why he's such a disaster. I believe he's done as a performer, no matter what he puts out.

The civil-rights-violated cocksucker, Bill O’Reilly, synergistically tying in to the New York Post’s recent “I’M NOT A FREAK!” cover story on Michael Jackson -- abundantly filled with advertising. These hypocritical motherfuckers deserve to be shackled, shipped to Jasper, Texas, and dragged around a little bit before they start waxing philosophical on civil rights violations. It’s kind of like Mengele suing the Jews for injuries suffered with a scalpel. As if America wants this dumb, white Nazi bastard in our living rooms. Jesus Christ, if our parents would have made us watch this twat spewing his shit in the living room, we would have made Columbine’s Klebold and Harris look like Bambi and fucking Mickey Mouse.

The Librarian’s decision was based on a misguided reading of the record. Not only was improper weight given to the testimony of Yahoo! but some 140 separate licensing deals were thrown out by the Librarian. The end result significantly undervalued the music used by Internet radio companies.

Hilary Rosen, Chairman and CEO of the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) in an August 7, 2002 statement, accusing Yahoo! of self-servingly duping the Library of Congress. This bitch, who throws her considerable weight around in such devious and self-serving ways as to try fucking dupe congress into treating intellectual property violations as a terrorist activity, and who’s responsible for promoting regulations that would allow the faggots and whores at the RIAA to legally hack into computers if they suspect an illegal rendition of Eminem’s misogynistic lyrics on some sucker’s PC (even if he actually bought the CD). While undervaluing lyrics such as “BITCH PLEASE! You must have a mental disease
Assume tha position and get back down on ya knees C'MON (gunshots)” this cuntsucker clearly does have a mental disease. Get Elizabeth Birch off your face for a minute and wake up to what’s happening in the real world you ignorant slut. Or go suck John Rocker’s little three inch cock (erect), ‘cos he likes you about as much as Eminem -- and the rest of the music lovers on the planet do.


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