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ApolloMedia v. Reno: Background and Context

The Preamble
A Brief Delay

April 8, 1997

Obscene to be Believed
The Fight Behind Apollomedia v. Reno:
Round One - Federal Court

By Clinton Fein
October 20, 1997

An in depth overview of the legal behind-the-scenes legal wrangling and associated commentary that sheds light on the strategies and principles for which the case was fought.

Dancing in the Dark
An annoy.com Legal Update

September 9, 1998
By Clinton Fein

Clinton Fein sheds some insights into the current behind-the-scenes legal wrangling as the case moves forwards, slowly, in the court.

The Fucking Rage
An annoy.com Response to the Federal Ruling

September 24, 1998
By Clinton Fein

Annoy.com repsonds to the federal court ruling in a display of mixed emotion. While the ruling could be construed as a victory for annoy.com, the ruling did not go far enough, and resulted in a tortured and misguided interpretation of the law rather than an unequivocal strike down. This would set the stage for a Supreme Court appeal.

ApolloMedia v. Reno: Supreme Court Appeal
By Clinton Fein
Monday, December 07, 1998

This endeavor is not expedient. It is not politic, and indeed, it more often than not, is not particularly popular. Real free speech seldom is. But fighting this battle is the right thing to do. Our fervent hope is that the Supreme Court recognizes this and rules accordingly. Clinton Fein announces ApolloMedia's decision to appeal the case to the United States Supreme Court


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