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Kill The World

In five years the Bush Administration has led America on the darkest journey in its history. While no one will deny the shock and horror of the attacks on September 11th, the culture that it gave rise to is unforgivable. The attacks did not justify the war on Iraq, the suspension of civil liberties, the erosion of human decency, the rise of torture, the degradation of civility, the erection of gulags -- "black sites" and secret prisons -- the spying on Americans, the corruption and merciless attacks on not only Americans, but the rest of the world this Administration bullies, threatens and attacks.

Clinton Fein's Kill the World audiovisual documentation -- from 2001 until today -- is a terrifying testament to how far wrong we have gone. With a trace of humor. And soundtrack.

Kill the World (Real Media)

Kill the World (Windows Media)

A relatively long download. Be patient, it's worth the wait!


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