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Saturday, August 1, 1998

An Apology, and a Wink Or Three

by Clinton Fein

Just the other day

I watched a leader say

With forceful angry tone

To let him be alone

An overwhelming lie he'd uttered

Apologetic words he muttered

A nation watched its fragile facade crack.


Won't you kneel and pray?

It's a pitiful day

Our president's role

And our media's soul

Are all a distant memory

in a time of hyper sensory

Hatred, Lies and high definition TV.


Take a look and see

The aching scrutiny

Big brother's ugly head

Your sordid love-stained bed

A nation lost and searching

Rainforests felled for torching

Crosses in the yards of the Churches as we fuel the fires.


Just the other day

I heard a preacher say

Let the women mind the children

Don't let sex or drugs or sins in

Let your dollars help to keep away

The awful truth and light of day

One nation under God is crying in pain.


Won't you go insane?

Stay out in the rain

Watch the starving yearn

Watch the babies burn

As the TV spits its hate at you

As papers break your heart in two

The guns and knives will rip your world apart.


It's bullshit, can't you tell

The scorching heat of hell

A body dragged for miles

A politician smiles

A sacred promise blackened lies

With bloodstained hands and bloodshot eyes

And blood spattered brains on the early evening news.


Yes it's here to stay

It will not go away

It's part of who we are

We have come too far

To ever turn back hands of time

When sex and lies define sublime

And you cry and you lie and you try and you die

Yes you die.


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